SAT waiver program for US citizens living abroad

I’m unsure how to apply for a SAT waiver, as I currently attend a high school in Ecuador (my mom is living abroad). I don’t have a school district to apply with. The College board while stating that US citizens living abroad my apply, they are entirely unhelpful in how to do that. My Ecuadorian high school provides students with free exams for Ecuadorian Univeristies, however; I am interested in applying to US institutions as I speak perfect English and intend to live in the US as an adult.

I really appreciate any leads or perhaps organizations that would be willing to submit an application for an American abroad.


I think you need to contact the College Board people directly. I see where on there site US citizens abroad “may qualify” for waivers. Do you meet the eligibility requirements for the waivers? GIve them a call or an email and check it out.

I did, as have others that have posted with the same issue. They replied to talk to my local school district…ha ha…sure, like Ecuador would know anything.

Ok, so when you called them and said “Hey, I am in Ecuador and my school district knows nothing about this” what was their response?

Is there an EducationUSA office in your area?