SAT writing counts now?

<p>I saw that collegeboard has finally updated all the colleges 25-75 percentile on the SAT and Colgate now includes the writing score. Did they change this for last years applicants as well and are they in that case just late with updating the scores? Or, are these the scores of the early applicants for this year?</p>

<p>I still want to know if anyone has the answer.</p>

<p>I'm confused by your question. Colgate accepts either the SAT or the Act. On the college's website, it says: "Colgate University considers the highest mathematics, critical reading, and writing scores on the SAT Reasoning Test. Of the three sections of the SAT Reasoning Test, less emphasis is placed on the writing section. The Colgate admission staff will evaluate data on this new section before significantly incorporating it into admission decisions. Colgate considers all SAT scores in the application review process and requires that students submit all SAT scores from all test dates."</p>

<p>So, it appears as if they don't treat the writing section of the SAT as any big deal. It's a measly little 30 minute writing exercise, hardly worth even calling a writing exercise at all, frankly. Take it, send the scores in, and what more can you do?</p>

<p>Thanks. I wanted to know whether they consider the writing section or if they ignore it like they did a couple of years ago at least. 6 months ago, Colgate hadn't submitted the 50th percentile of the writing score to collegeboard's website (like many other colleges don't do since they ignore this part of the SAT). According to your quote, they still weigh the writing score lower than the rest of the SAT which is a boon for the chances of my acceptance. Thanks again for looking it up for me.</p>