SAT Writing Identifying Errors

Hi CC!
So… I have this problem with writing section…
for the other two types of questions, (paragraph fixing and fixing sentences) I’m not bad at it. I usually get about 1 wrong for each one. However, the problem is the identifying errors. Whenever I choose E, it’s always the other, and other times that I do not choose E, E seems to be the answer.
I usually get about 4~5 wrongs only with this type of questions, and I really would like to get above a 700 in the upcoming May test.
Any help? How do you guys do it?
I usually answer immediately the ones that I’m pretty sure of (the easy ones), and when I’m not pretty sure, I leave them in blank. After I do all of them, I go back with the blank ones to check endlessly.

Help pleaseeee :frowning:

Hey I’m entering in May as well! I have your same problem considering ID errors. However, most of my errors are idiom and diction errors, whereas I can’t spot them easily like i spot other errors. Just make sure you don’t consider prepositional phrases as subjects because sometimes they come like ‘A group of workers were working’ :stuck_out_tongue: and it tries to trick you. (Was not were as group is singular)

I’m no expert by the way, I usually end up with a 660 in writing :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, today I took a practice test and I got all the identifying errors correct! :open_mouth: (altho i had 5 wrongs in the whole writing section) I’m not sure if it was just luck or if the test came out pretty easy, but I’m pretty happy! hahahha