SAT writing portion question

<p>Does Notre Dame look at the writing score? Seems I am receiving conflicting information. Hard to believe a University would not use it. As usual thanks for all your good inputs to this wonderful board.</p>

<p>From the school's Web site:</p>

Note that for this upcoming year, we are still primarily focused on a student’s Math + Critical Reading scores; while we will see your Writing section and a strong score will help in the admissions process, it plays a smaller role in our evaluation.


<p>Similar to the SAT II test, usually what Notre Dame says is that those scores can only help you and not hurt a very good/great writing score will aid you application but a mediocre score should not hurt you application - they are waiting to see how writing scores impact your college career, i.e. if you get a high writing score do you leave college with a high gpa (and see if there is a strong correlation) - but they have to wait until a couple of groups with the writing section graduate - it will be used more in the future, but it is not nearly as regarded as the original two.</p>