SAT Writing Prob. from McGraw Hill

Hey Guys,

 Can you help me with this problem:

Ronald’s daily workout regimen is intense: he runs, swims, and he likes to lift weights.
A.) same
B.) he runs, swims, and lifts weights
C.) he is a runner, a swimmer, and lifts weights
D.) he runs, swims and lifts weights
E.) running, swimming, and lifting weights

The correct answer is B, because it avoids the error in parallelism, but why are D and E wrong? Does the oxford comma play a role, and doesn’t the colon signify a list? Thank You.

Oxford comma isn’t tested, and this is a bad question.

Thanks…I came across a lot of other iffy ones as well in McGraw Hill. I guess it’s good to just stick to Barron’s and College Board, but for College Board, despite what edition, are all the tests the same? Do you know? Thanks!

Barron’s are pretty bad, too, btw.

A VERY bad question indeed. smh

E is wrong because that’s not the proper use of the colon, among other things.

By the way, everyone, it is indeed difficult to find helpful prep books. Kaplan is loaded with wrong answers to the reading questions – and with types of questions & answers that aren’t on real SAT’s. Barron’s reading questions are often easier than the real SAT’s, and on some of their harder passages, some of the answers are poorly constructed. However, I do like Barron’s for some of the essay exercises/u.

With regard to the writing questions (this thread), so far I haven’t encountered problems with Princeton Review WR questions, but I’m open to correction on that if you can show me P.R. WR question errors.

@epiphany Thank you for your answer! I’ve heard lots of bad things from Kaplan since the beginning, but I was about to purchase the Princeton Review’s book.

I’ve definitely found plenty of errors in TPR W tests, but I agree they’re the best of the fakebooks for W. MGH is the best for CR, imo, although of course it also contains errors and other flaws (including hilariously long passages).

@marvin100 MGH - do you mean McGrawHill?