SAT Writing Question -- Parallelism

<p>Until It (A) can be replaced by a faster (B), more efficient, and more economical means of transportation, trucks will carry most (C) of the freight within and through (D) metropolitan areas. (E) No Error</p>

<p>I understand why A is wrong, but doesn't B break parallelism? Shouldn't it be "more fast" or does this still follow parallelism? Do I have some misconception about parallelism?</p>

<p>Similarly, for this question: </p>

<p>The decline in science education during the period had two causes: less funding for scientific research and a decrease in jobs related to space and defense. </p>

<p>Collegeboard says "less funding" and "a decrease in jobs" is parallel... I don't see how they are? Someone explain please!</p>

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<p>The first one is parallel. Parallelism pertains to verbs, nouns, and prepositions mainly. Adjectives do not have to be in the same form to be parallel. "More fast" is awkward and would not be accepted by most English teachers; "faster" is the accepted form.</p>

<p>For the second one, it is parallel because "funding" and "a decrease" are both nouns. It would be wrong if "funding" were paired with a helping verb (i.e. is, was, are, etc.) because then it functioned as a verb.</p>

<p>I think that you are getting mixed up with the appearance of the word rather than its function. Verbs have to be used with verbs, and adjectives have to be used with adjectives. It doesn't matter what they look like, though.</p>