SAT Writing question

<p>I don't know about other people, but for the SAT writing/critical reading so far I have been relying on my ability to "hear" (I'm sure you know what I mean) any errors in a sentence as opposed to using any rules or anything. I've been consistently scoring in the 650-750 range, but am thinking that because some sentences that are used commonplace are incorrect grammatically I'm still missing those just as consistently, does anyone have a good website with frequently appearing SAT rule violations?</p>

<p>Thanks much</p>

<p>bump, sorry just really curious</p>

<p>get a book. but, i think the only real differences between standard and spoken english are:</p>

<li>anyone = he or she, not they</li>
<li>pronoun-antecedent (ambiguous reference)</li>
<li>perfect tenses = more extreme (ie, when i woke up today, i realized the sun <em>had</em> exploded)</li>
<li>who/whom (test yourself by trying to answer "he is" or "him")</li>
o amount/number (uncountable/countable)
o as/like (noun/noun+verb)
o fewer/less (plural/singular)</li>

<p>these are also some tricky things to look for, though they're improper in both standard and spoken english:</p>

<li>misplaced modifiers (wet and</li>
<li>comparison/parallelism errors</li>
<li>subject-verb agreement (collective nouns & intevening phrases)</li>

<p>other errors are obvious, such as comma splices and what not, so i won't list them for my hands' sake.</p>

<p>oh, and also the me/I thing.</p>