SAT Writing Questions Thread

<p>hey guys, i plan on taking the SAT in March and am currently studying for the writing section. I thought it would be a good idea to post all the tricky ones so I can discuss them with all others who are also taking the exam in March. This way we can all master the hardest questions and help each other to answer them. Here's one that I am having some trouble with:</p>

<p>The valuable stringed A(instruments in) this display, B(all more than) 300 years old, were carefully crafted C(by artisans famous) in their day but D(long since) forgetten. E(No Error)</p>

<p>My initial instinct was to say it was B, considering that it should be "each more than". Would that only work if the subject was singular? i'm not too sure on this one. maybe i'm just over-complicating the answer and the two choices are interchangeable? let me know what you guys think. also, feel free to post any questions you are having problems with!</p>

<p>The "their" before D and after C refers to multiple things. So "ALL more than makes" perfect sense as it is.</p>

<p>^That one is tricky... I would think it was B, but then again, the sentence could be referring to the instruments holistically...Anyone mind explaining it?</p>

<p>BTW I have one too!</p>

<p>1) The reason for the continued popularity of country western performers <is that="" it=""> draws on experiences with which everyone can identify.</is></p>

<p>(A) that it draws on
(B) that their music draws on
(C) because the music draws on
(D) because of them drawing from
(E) they will draw from</p>

<p>@babpapi that one is (E) No error</p>

<p>@JJ That one would be (B), it's referring to the popularity of the performers, not the music,(which it hasn't even stated yet), so "their" would need to be part of the answer. I think you know why (D) and (E) can't be answers, so that only leaves (B).</p>

<p>drac: yes, that makes perfect sense! i guess it just sounded strange to me the way it is</p>

<p>JJ: yes, I'd also say it is B. C,D, and E are all wrong because it is referring to "the reason" and B is just a little more specific, avoiding ambiguity</p>

<p>So is it wrong to have a sentence that says "The reason... is because..."? I would think so because when you say "The reason" you shouldn't say "is because" because your basically using an elaborative phrase twice. Right?</p>

<p>It's not wrong to say "The reason... is because", but in this sentence, "the music" doesn't correlate with "performers".</p>

<p>^ Ohhh okay</p>

<p>Here's another one:</p>

<p>The survey <showed that=""> most shoppers who drive prefer the mall <more than=""> downtown stores <simply because=""> finding parking is <less difficult=""> at the mall. <no error=""></no></less></simply></more></showed></p>

<p>I'd say B. It would be an idiom error. Prefer x TO y</p>