Sat Writing Score

<p>So I have the SAT tomorrow and I took another quick writing section practice and I got 35 correct 13 wrong and 5 omitted which was a raw score of 32 I plan on getting an 8 or higher on the essay portion so what would my final score be if I got an 8 or 9 on the essay </p>

<p>Why are you so worried? Few, if any, schools care about the W score. Most only care about the M+CR</p>

<p>Why is that?</p>

<p>schools have never figured out if there’s a significant correlation between the performance on the writing section, and the writing score, and how students do in college. There are so many kinds of writing one must do in college that the test doesn’t assess.</p>

<p>Really, really, really? I’m so happy if that ^^^ is true, since my Writing sucks. Should be able to get 1550-1600 for M+CR.</p>

<p>sometimes the writing score figures into the automatic merit awards, as in, “what did you get out of 2400 points?” so it matters not too much at most schools for admission, but at a few schools it can matter for merit.</p>

<p>The writing section’s being replaced with an optional essay from March 2016 on as well. Depending on what grade you’re in, that may benefit you because more schools could potentially overlook writing if it’s not even required anymore.</p>

The scores for those schools that do that is pretty low, though, compared to that of most people on CC.</p>

<p>you might be right about that, I don’t know, but I do know that many of those higher-scoring CCers are in need of merit aid and so they shouldn’t ignore the importance of the W score. Many many CCers end up going to schools “beneath them” because they cannot afford the schools they “deserve.” </p>