SAT Writing Score

Hi so I have taken the SAT 3 times, but I only want to submit my last 2 times. My last two tests superscore to a 1570. However the very first test I took I took the writing section. I got a 20/24 on that. Can I mark that I did not take the SAT writing section on Common App since I am not sending that score? If I have to, is a 20/24 decent enough to submit to Duke?

A 20 is an excellent score.

Regardless, if you are reporting the EBRW/M score from that date, you have to indicate you took the essay.

I am not reporting that date, so do I still have to indicate that I took the SAT writing?

The SAT Writing is tied to the entire SAT test date, so if Duke allows score choice and you’re not reporting any scores from that test date, then no.

Not if you are not reporting any elements from that date.