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<p>Topic: What is your view of the idea that every obstacle can be turned into an opportunity?</p>

<pre><code>Every obstacle can be turned into an advantage. Though may people believe that all barriers are bad, in reality, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger and better. Examples from both history and personal experiences support my stance.
Lance Armstrong is a man that does not allow obstacles to slow him down. Rather, he uses all obstacles to improve his abilities and enrich his life. Though he contracted cancer at a relatively young age, he refused to be cowed by his brief spar with death. A mere two years after his triumph over cancer, he emerged as the champion of La Tour de France, a prestigious biker racer held annually in France. Rather than focus upon the negatives of cancer such as the pain and the horrid weakness that accompanies chemotherapy, Lance Armstrong was able to take a side effect of cancer that most people consider disadvantageous and turn it around. Armstrong was able to acknowledge the weight loss caused by cancer, and utilize his decreased body mass to increase his muscle to body mass ratio. Lance Armstrong is truly a person who is able to face down a barrier and overcome it, no matter what the odds are.
Similarly, I also took a disadvantage and turned it into a benefit. I had always been a sickly child. When I was little, I was hospitalized so often that the doctors at the hospital began to recognize me by face. On my 9th birthday, a friend bought me a YMCA membership and signed me up for swimming lessons. After I started swimming, I realized that swimming not only kept me in shape but also decreased the frequency that I contracted sicknesses. Using my desire to remain healthy as motivation, I forced myself to keep swimming. I eventually joined a swim team, attended swim practices on a regular basis, and improved my skills to the point where I was placing top eight at various state and national competitions. I attribute most of my success to my childhood fragility and my not letting my body’s weakness serve as an obstacle to living a normal life.
Life often throws wrenches, laying down barriers where one least expects them. However, if one is able to take the obstacles in stride and use them to one’s advantage, then all obstacles will become ripe opportunities for self-improvement.