sat writing section help

<p>hey guys can you guys tell me a list of words that go together such as
regarded as
either or
neither nor

<p>can you guys tell me more?</p>

<p>Also what is this called?</p>

<p>^Idioms? Prepositions?</p>

<p>From Barron review:</p>

<p>accede to
according to
afflicte with
agree on/with
agreement to
appetite for
appreciation of
aside from
associate with
blame for/on
compatible with
chary of
comply with
conform to
conversant with
desirous of
desist from
enamored of
indulge in
inferior to
oblivious to
partial to
peculiar to
preoccupation with
prevent from
prior to
prone to
temper with
weary of</p>