SAT Writing Test TIPS - Please Post

<p>Hey guys. . .wondering if you could post any last minute tips. . .regarding grammar, the MC's, the essay, anything. </p>

<p>'Appreciate it.</p>

<p>yeah... need some advice badly or else i will bomb the test!! i is appeciating it too ;(</p>

<p>for the essay, use plain language !!! That's the key, you have to write something that can be understood by most people.</p>

<p>So big vocabulary is a no-no? What if they are used correctly? I often use SAT-type words in my writing...</p>

<p>You can (and it'll be to your benefit to) use big words if you're sure of their meanings. If you try to use big words you're not sure of, you run the chance of misusing the words and you can lose points. I'd like to give you some more tips, but I'm just as confused myself... about essay structuring. :o</p>

<p>Help me out if you have time:
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<p>When one <first begins=""> to play tennis, <it’s><br>
(A) (B)<br>
important to work on <your> serve, and to wield<br>
your racket <well> . No error<br>
(D) (E) </well></your></it’s></first></p>

<p>Spark Notes says that the answer is C because the pronoun "your" does not agree with "one" in the original. I know its not a choice, but isnt "your" in "your racket" incorrect for the same reason?</p>

<p>Yeah, it should be "one's racket." Probably another of SparkNotes' typo.</p>