SAT Writing??

<p>NU does not give importance to SAT Writing, right?</p>

<p>So I gave my SAT just once and my present score is 2000/2400(Writing sucked!) and 1420/1600(M+CR), (800M, 620CR)</p>

<p>My SAT subjects scores are much better: Chem 800, Maths II: 800 (McCormick applicant!)</p>

<p>I am giving my second try on SAT this October,and hopefully I'd get at least a 2250 above but I am applying ED to NU and hence I won't be able to check my new scores before sending (would I?), so I was wondering if the present SAT score is agreeable enough for NU, and should I send this score too?</p>

<p>The CR is certainly low for NU, but with the Math and the two Subject Tests being 800, it might not kill you (I certainly hope it wouldn't).
Have you taken any English oriented AP or Subject Tests?</p>

<p>Nopes, I am an international students.</p>

<p>AP exams are not easily offered in my country!</p>

<p>But I guess I would give my TOEFL this August and my CR is improving a lot (if we go by BB's practice tests), so hopefully I'd get a decent 700+ this October!</p>

<p>WCASParent, do you think I should send this score with my ED application?
I would first want to see my October score and THEN send it to NU!Possible?</p>

<p>SAT scores are generally (but not always) available online 19 days after the exam, so the Oct. 9 SAT scores should be online before the NU ED application is due. Moroever, it's possible that, as long as you have your ED app in on time, the SAT scores could follow shortly thereafter. I confess ignorance, however, as to whether NU permits SAT "score choice," or whether you have to report all SAT scores.</p>

<p>NU permits score choice and it takes the highest for each section! SO I am thinking of sending this present score (m800) and I'll send the October score after I check it online! Thanks a ton WCASParent; I have my ducks in a row for ED now!</p>

<p>OP...just a thought...I'd hold off on submitting you app until you view your Oct. SATs online. It's possible you might duplicate your 800 Math and improve your CR and Writing. Even though NU does superscore, a single sitting SAT is typically more impressive. (If you do better in Oct. on CR and Writing AND get the 800 Math, admissions will never see the 620 CR or 580 Writing.) Again, just my two cents. Good luck!</p>

<p>Not to sound over-confident but duplicating the 800 shouldn't be a hard task at all! So I think I agree with your two cents jc40! I'll send the scores the minute I see my Oct. SAT and approve of it (:p); it would be well before Nov. 1 (deadline!) My SAT is my only weak spot and I hope it does not end it for me!</p>