<p>Is anyone else retaking the SAT? I just took it last Saturday before heading to a conference. It looks like I'll be able to check my scores by phone on the 20th. Yikes! I'm really hoping I brought my score up at least 50 points. I studied every night until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m.. I hated it, but didn't have a choice with XC every day.</p>

<p>I took it then too. I think/hope I did very well. </p>

<p>Note, you can check the scores via phone and internet on the 22nd, not the 20th.</p>

<p>Thanks amdandrew! I'll be sure to check on Friday. Why did you take it again? Where else are you applying?</p>

<p>Oh yeah!!! 1480! They came out this afternoon! (not that I am excited or anything!!!)</p>

<p>HERE'S A HIGH 5, AMDANDREW! Just found out I got a 1590 (up 100 pts)! Yippee!!!! And to top it off, I didn't have to run today because my XC coach says I've been running too much every day and he wants me to be ready for the meet tomorrow. I now get to CELEBRATE! Yee-ha! Feels good not to have to take it again.</p>

<p>That is awesome Navgirl!!! High 5 back to you!!!</p>

<p>how did you find out?? i can't get on the site!</p>

<p>I can't believe you got a 1590! That's INCREDIBLE! Now there's NO WAY you won't get into Harvard!</p>

<p>Actually, what will get Navgirl into Harvard isn't necessarily that 1590. It is the fact she has so many other things going for her also in the extra-curricular/sports/leadership areas. I remember reading an entire thread on the Harvard discussion board regarding people with 1600's who didn't get in. Harvard looks for the best all around people they can find, just like the academies and other top tier schools. Good job Navgirl!!</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! The 1590 does not guaranty admission to Harvard, but at least my interviews went well. I was really worried about them, so I do what I always do - RUN! I got up at 5:30 and ran 5 miles before my interview at 9:00. It's a great stress reliever. I feel pretty good about my chances, but we'll see. There are tons of other students who are just as qualified, and many that are even more so than I am. I think I've done just about everything I can possibly do. My uncle (USNA grad) is hoping I'll decide to go to the Academy, but he knows what a social geek I am. lol He said I would do extremely well at the Academy, but may not be as happy as I could be having the civilian freedoms. I told him I just didn't know if I could give that up for 4 years. It's funny- On one hand I have an uncle that would love to see me go to USNA, and on the other hand, my good friend's Dad, a Harvard grad, is hoping I'm accepted to Harvard. This has been a real emotional rollercoaster for me this past month. I keep praying that whatever the outcome is from Harvard, it is meant to be. There are so many students that want to go to the Academy, and deservedly should, but don't receive appointments. I feel blessed to have received an LOA, but hope that those that don't receive appointments will not be upset with me for not going if I am accepted to Harvard.</p>

<p>Navgirl - </p>

<p>You might find this article interesting - it's a comparison of West Point and Harvard done by someone who knows them both well. I think the points are applicable to USNA as well.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

Do not let the feelings of other people influence your decision regarding USNA/Harvard. People turn down service academy appointments all of the time. It merely creates an opening for another candidate a little later in the notification cycle. Last summer, plebes were appointed even after the plebe summer program started; there must have been unanticipated openings. Do what feels right for you, and never turn back.
Good Luck


<p>Thanks for the great article by Hoy. I felt it provided a very balanced, and insightful, comparison of the West Point and Havard enviroments - from the viewpoint of a 50 year old. I expect you are right that his depiction of West Point would transfer pretty well to Annapolis. </p>

<p>However, Navgirl must, and should, make the comparison through her 18 year old eyes. I would be surprised if she didn't make a somewhat different comparison. Parental, other adult and peer expectations and opinions can't, and shouldn't, be totally ignored. Neither can one's ego. Hopefully when making her choice, Navgirl will combine some sage advice with her own expectations and preferences.</p>

<p>Thank you everyone, and thanks KateLewis for the article! I continue to struggle with the Harvard/USNA decision, but hope that upon receiving word from Harvard, I will know what to do.</p>

<p>You have all been so kind and helpful throughout this whole process. May all of you have great successes and enjoy life's many splendors. Do not become so obsessed with the stressful application process that you forget how to enjoy life. I have to keep reminding myself to not obsess at least once a day. ;-)</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone!</p>