I got a 1410 then a 1360 on the sat the second time does this look bad for schools that require all sat scores?

No. They are pretty close together and everyone understands that some test days are worse than others. What’s your superscore?

@ski_racer 1410 should i take it a 3rd time or do act

I would take a timed practice ACT and see how you do on it, then take that score and use the concordance tables to see if it’s better than your ACT scores. If it is, then I’d take the ACT. If not, then you could take the SAT again if you really wanted to. Keep in mind, though, that if you were to take the SAT repeatedly, without trying to improve in between, your scores would generally fall within a 100-point range. So, you could take it again if you really want to, but understand that you’ll need to study if you want to do better than ~1450.