SAT1 Math curve

<p>Hey you all!
I took the SAT1 last week and discovered that I actually made 4 mistakes:
1. the stupid 2 to the power of x question in section 1
2. stupid right angled triangle question (i knew it was more than 4 but I thought you had to make line AB as the side attached to form 90 deg.)
3. the pathetic n=a^2bc question, I forgot to exclude the integer n
4. Possibly the circles question, I got 8 pi.....</p>

<p>So what will i get then? I'm hoping high 700s but it seems like i made more mistakes than i thought. More importantly, I want to know what the curve might look like this time round for math. Thanks!</p>

<p>Well, those four wrong will give you a raw score of 55. The scaled scores for that in the 10 Reals are: 720, 730, 740, 720, 730, 720, 740, 740, 720, and 720, so I would say you can reasonably expect anywhere from a 720 to a 740.</p>

<p>What was the 2 to the power of x question?</p>

<p>8pi was the right answer!</p>

<p>lets now start again with the 8pi/15 pi question again :)! there was atleast a good 200 posts regarding that topic on the old forum!</p>

<p>not only is it split in this forum, there was a big argument in my calculus class today about it aswell...</p>

<p>Is there ever a 790 on math?? It's usually 800 then 780, which is kinda annoying.</p>

<p>^^^There are a few times when a 790 is possible</p>


<p>i ommitted 2 questions-stupid, i know....
i missed one grid in
i missed the triangle question
i think i missed 1-2 more</p>

<p>what do you think my range in math is?</p>

<p>the 2^power of X question was:</p>

<p>if y=2^4x, then what does 8Y equal?</p>

<p>8=2^3, so (2^3)(2^4x)=2^(3+4x)-or something like that....</p>

<p>i ommited this so stupid!! i just couldn't think during the test....</p>

<p>I put 15pi</p>

<p>Let's say you missed two more. -3 for omits and grid in, -1.25 for triangle, if u miss two more MC thats -2.5. That's -6.75 which is....a 53 raw score. 10 Reals says: 700 usually.</p>

<p>Hey, so far I don't think I have missed any in math, but if I missed 1 MC, do you think there's still a chance for an 800M? I hope so, because the math was pretty hard compared to usual. I AM HOPING FOR AN 800M SOOOOOOOO MUCH!</p>

<p>thanks! i really hope/pray that i get a 700!</p>

<p>i think that missing i math will be an 800.</p>

<p>Whats the current predictions for two math questions wrong? Also, since i just thought of this, what do they mean when they say you can miss a few questions, that you can get them wrong or they must be skipped?</p>

<p>Is it really possible to get a 700 because i don't think that there's such a score in the 10 real sats</p>

<p>i got 700 in may</p>

<p>I got a 700 math last january, i'm guessing i got 2 to 3 questions wrong this october. What's the 10 Reals range for that score?</p>