sat2 bio anyone?

<p>Anyone want to discuss how they did compared to how they thought they'd do? </p>

<p>I did worse than I thought..but this is my second time taking the test..=/ and I only improved 10 points. Granted, I still got over 700 so I shouldnt be complaining but it wasnt over 750 so I guess I kinda am...(sigh)..yea.</p>

<p>OOH you took SAT II bio? I'm planning on takign that. Are you/were you in AP bio? I am and i've only been in it since the start of school in sept. Should i take it now or should i wait until after the AP test or at leats a little later into the school year?</p>

<p>Oh well I would suggest that you take it after you take the class. Very few people can do well on the test after only taking Bio Honors. Unless you're willing to put in ALOT of extra work with your prep. books just wait. I took the test in June..after the class and the AP tests were over. I think all the review you do in class definately helps.</p>

<p>I only improved 10 points too!! I made 60 points lower than I thought-but my predictions were totally based on how many I got wrong according to the old collegeconfidential discussion.</p>

<p>ermm..i did horribly last year..and im takin again..but ahh i have to take chem too and writing..and i feel like im gonna do horribly on allll of them</p>

<p>I am using barron's workbook, it's so long (300pages to be exact) do u guys think i need to know everything in there?</p>

<p>I got an 800 on BioM and what i noticed is that it is dumb to waste your time learning really in depth stuff. u need to know the main idea of processes, for example they might ask you about PGAP and PGA and photosynthesis or about coenzymes like NAD+ and FAD. they arent very heavy on anatomy and phys, so work a little more on ecology and evolution.</p>

<p>When is the ideal time to take SATII bio if you're taking AP Bio? the may test or the june test?</p>

<p>I got a 4 on the AP test and a 620 on the SATII—E :| :| :|</p>

<p>i feeeel ur pain leggo..same here..what isnt the ap harder than the sat ii..i guess not..</p>

<p>fatcookie..I would definately recommend taking the sat2 in june..because may is a time to focus on your ap tests..esp. if you have more than one. </p>

<p>ahh and sexydesi (haha wow name really made me a good way though) and eggo...I's horrible. I got a 5 on the ap test...and I thought the sat would be easy..and BOTH I honestly don't know what happened. (sigh) I think my real test got switched with someone elses and any day now theyll be knocking on my door and apologizing. hey i can dream..</p>

<p>What's the difference between Bio M and Bio E? And what's the syllabus content tested? I'm an intl student, and I do biology, but I'm not sure if the content tested is the same as that covered in schools here.</p>

<p>Hey absolutelt...yea I have family in a different country and whenever I visit I see their biology and chemistry books and I'm always confused because although it's the same core's just expressed really differently. So..hmm I'm not sure where I was going with that...yea the test might end up being a bit confusing.</p>

<p>ahh acacia...i laugh and cry..more cry..when i see this name..bcuz its stupid..but i was forced to use it..ehhh...<em>sexydesi</em>...its pretty demeaning..:(</p>

<p>I took it after taking bio honors w/ some prep w/ pton review a couple of june's ago and managed a 770, so with some good review, AP bio people should be fine (then again, I haven't taken AP bio, so what do I know?)</p>

<p>hahahaha sexydesi i love it!!!! shows your...pride?</p>

<p>ehhh...i dont kno what it shows..its lame..hehe..</p>

<p>I took it after taking Bio honors in 9th grade without looking at a single prep book nor studying my bio binder and got a 710, heh. This is the molecular biology.</p>

<p>Yes well some of us are obviously more gifted than others..</p>

<p>I thought I'd get high 700s and I got 770. it's not too hard a test, you just have to learn a lot of useless information.</p>