sat2 chem vs ap chem multiple choice

<p>how close do they resemble each other</p>

<p>I thought that they were fairly similar, but the sat ii the easier of the two. However, my friend, who took it last week, thought that the sat ii was much easier than the ap; but, he studied for the sat ii not the ap. We'll see how he does this week.</p>

<p>(BTW: me: 5/780; my friend: 5/?)</p>

<p>hehe im odd and i thought that the ap mc was easier than the satii mc...but there is also more pressure on the satii to get every single question right than on the ap.

<p>lol i got a 3...but realistically i bordered a 3-4....i got like 1/2 f the multiple choice on the ap right w/o studying....if i study for a a 45 min a day.....what is it the most probable score that i get</p>

<p>I agree with kewl completely. I have the same exact scores as sonar. I think the true or false on the SAT II hurt me.</p>

<p>If you were to study that much you would probably get 700+ easily.</p>