SAT2 Choices

<p>I'm planning to major in math at university. Would it be wise to take Writing, Math1C and Math 2C? At the moment I'm confirmed taking Math2C and Writing, but i don't know about the third choice because i don't do bio or chem or history, and i wouldn't do physics for sure. I just want to know if it looks bad to top unis if you're taking two math subjects tests even if you're planning to read math?</p>

<p>someone pls help</p>

<p>you can't do both math 1c and math 2c. you HAVE to pick a third.</p>

<p>depends on which school ure goin for</p>

<p>dont take both ic and iic. if you do good on iic colleges will have seen enough. take a science. some colleges require it and other than that, its just a good idea to show them your well rounded since they're no gonna hedge your admission on the major you put down on the app.</p>

<p>even if i was to major math at university, they wouldn't think taking 1c and 2c shows comittment?</p>

<p>Well, first, colleges don't really take your inteded major too seriously because they expect you to change it. Second, the IC can make even a great math student look worse than he is because of the harsh curve. If you're really good at math, take the IIC and you'll get an 800. I know I omitted 2 questions and although I <em>thought</em> I got everything right, I might not have. And I still got an 800. Plus, if you take two, it'll probably seem like you're trying to cover up a shortcoming rather than prove your math prowess to them.</p>

<p>For the Ic there is no room for mistakes; i suggest taking only iic if you are good at math</p>