SAT2- Literature or Physics?

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>I need your help for this. I've decided that i'm taking Writing, Math 2C and a third subject test of my choice. I'm doing IB english A1 (SL) and IB physics (SL) and upon saying this, i wish to know if you think i should go with Literature or Physics as my third subject test? </p>

<p>I've done 2/3 of the topics in SAT2 physics and will only have a month left to prepare for it (i'm taking SAT2 in december). I'm not so great in physics but I think i will have quite sufficient time to prepare. On the other hand, i'm okay at literature, and this seems to be the safer choice for me. But I wish to take SAT2 physics to make up for my bad school grade in physics. What do you think then?</p>

<p>Help people :(</p>

<p>Be wary of the literature test - it's a killer. Expect similar-to-lower than your verbal score on literature. 750 verbal, 680 lit for me.</p>

<p>I think the Lit test is very comparable to the verbal SAT and not difficult. I got a 790 in both verbal and lit. Take practice tests in both subjects. I don't think a good physics score will "make up" for a poor physics grade. Ultimately, it comes down to which one you are more comfortable with. Literature is whether or not you can explicate, recognize literary devices, and the themes/tones of a work. Physics is straight problems. gl with your choice.</p>