Sat2/sat dilemma

<p>I took SAT2's in june and got
760 Biology E
760 Mathematics Level 1
710 Mathematics Level 2</p>

<p>I wanna do Biology and Society in Cornell's Human Ecology school</p>

<p>i was wondering if i should take the SAT2 in Molecular Bio in show that i could do well in ecology and molecular bio...what do you think???</p>

<p>ALSO i have a 1440 composite for SATs (760 m/680 cr) do you think i should retake those instead?</p>

<p>or should i just not take any more tests and just be done with standardized testing??</p>

<p>I scored:
1420 SAT
710 Bio E
740 Math Level 1</p>

<p>and sent those scores to cornell. some people would say that these are "shaky scores" and that i might not be accepted, but the truth is that standardized test scores are not everything. my resume was outstanding and my summer research internship and 4 years of participation in science fair helped a lot too.
my advice: spend more time building your resume and working on your essay</p>

<p>There's no need to retake the Bio subject test just to show that you're good in Molecular biology. The Biology subject test has 60 questions that cover both molecular and ecological biology. If you think you can score better on your SAT I, then retake that instead of the SAT II Bio. The SAT I holds much more weight than Subject tests.</p>