SAT2 Scores Question

<p>i just got my scores.
i got an 800, 770 - writing, history
but a 690 on math 2c :(
as long as i do 700+ on sat I,
will my math sat2 score negatively impact my chances (EA)?</p>

if i retake the math2c (i scored at least 710 on practice tests) in december (if i'm deferred from harvard), and score better, can i re-submit the new score for the adcoms to reconsider with my application?</p>


<p>FOr the first question....yes ur sat2 math 2c score will negatively affect ur chances but by not that much because its only 1/3 of all ur sat 2's and when counted with ur sat1, its not much, then even bigger, with ur gpa, test scores, recs....etc, its not gonna count for too much...but....beware...the majority of harvard applicants will have sat2 math 2c scores of near 800. So if u want to stand a fighting chance at harvard, u should study some more and try and retake it. I am studying for it right now too (im a junior) and im using Princeton Review. Its a good book and i recommend it. U should also take math 1c...that is what Princeton Review recommends if u dont think u can handle math 2c very well or if u cannot get a good score in 2c. Get a near 800 on 2c and a near 800 on the sat1 math and i think ull be fine with a 700 or so on the math 2c. But if u want to improve ur chances even more, take the challenge and study for the 2c. It might even be the deciding factor in whether or not u get in!</p>

<p>you see, the thing is i studied REALLY hard for it. i did a whole kaplan book. i even took a practice test and got all of the questions right (800). it was only the actually sat2 that i did worse on. i think that it was the pressure i felt while taking it as math is my hardest subject.</p>

<p>i think that i COULD do much better (at least 720+). but i can't change it as i'm taking satIs again in nov (i have a 700 on math now). my next chance to take it is in dec. but that's after EA deadlines.</p>

<p>any more thoughts...</p>

<p>if u cant do much about it...dont worry about it. Just try and make up with all the rest of ur stats,like gpa, recs...things that u feel u can change and will make a difference in ur acceptance. I dont know what activities u might be struggling or good in but im sure u do. Just trust ur instincts. A good deal of college admissions has to do with how well the applicant trusts his instincts on what exactly he wrote on his app and said in the interview. If u feel that u know the things that u are struggling, do everything in ur power until app. deadline to change that and make it better. gl!!</p>

<p>if feel that my sats are my biggest weakness. i have really really good recs, a 4.0 (highest gpa in class), lots of community service and ecs and a pretty interesting essay. i want though, to go in thinking that there is nothing better than i could have done. and with my sats, i still feel like i haven't reached that point.</p>

<p>any other comments?</p>

<p>any other people who have been accepted w/ an sat2 score NOT 700+</p>

<p>dont worry about not feeling totally comfortable about ur accomplishments. My best friend's brother got accpeted to Harvard and is now a sohphomore. He had a 4.0 gpa and a 1590, but his ec's were a little weak. He just marketed himself really well in his interview and told why his ec's were a little weak. Basically the thing to learn from here is that u might have to market urself a little during ur interview. Just tell the interviewer why u got a lower score during some point of the conversation. Hopefully she will note that u are willing to admit ur mistakes and are readily able to correct them. If u have sat's of about 1550 and 750 on most of them (note* not necessarily all of them, its ok to make mistakes), then u will be fine. But for ppl like u who are really borderline about making or breaking, the most crucial variable in the admissions equation will be ur interview. Really prepare well for that and just blow the interviewer away with ur awesome comments. If the interviewer is really surprised about how well u speak, the interviewer will specifically contact harvard and because all the interviewers' comments are respected, they will take her recommendation into serious consideration and ur basically in. Hope that happens to u! again gl!</p>

<p>I'm kind of like you Nathalie... 700-ushistory, 750-spanish, 790writing, but 670 Math IIC...</p>

<p>I'm with the impression though that one test probably won't break you as an applicant if it is not super low. Of course, the ivies seem to be a reach for everyone...</p>

<p>Darnit. I got a 730 Writing (I have no idea why), a 740 on Math Ic (I think I might re-take the Math IIc; I've heard it's got a much more generous curve) and a 700 on Literature :( I kind of want to re-take Writing and if I do math again, it'll be Math IIc and maybe Biology.</p>

<p>Can I ask what the average SAT II scores are for Harvard? Like for the SAT, they say around 1450-1600 right? What about the SAT IIs?</p>

<p>hrm yeah what's harvard's average for the writing sat II?</p>

<p>Do my scores reflect that I'm lopsided towards the sciences, and will my verbal/writing scores hurt me? Lots of people who get into Harvard seem to have excellent verbal/writing scores...Thanks=)</p>

<p>SAT Verbal: 710
SAT Math: 800
Writing: 740 (took it twice, and got the SAME Score.. ugh)
Math IIC: 800
Physics: 800
Chemistry: 800
Biology M: 770</p>


<p>V: 710 and Wr 740 are pretty good scores, and if Englsih is not your native language they are EXCELLENT scores. Are you a native English speaker?</p>

<p>anyone been admitted w/ a 690 if they have other good scores that are really good?</p>

<p>Yes, my daughter got admitted with a 690 in US History. Her other SAT IIs were Math2C: 800, Writing: 780, MolBio: 750.</p>


<p>Your D's example does not apply as colleges take the highest 3 scores, and ignore the rest. So the scores that mattered for your D were 800,780,750. Pretty impressive.</p>

<p>I thought that SAT II's were only for placement and not for least that's what it says on their site</p>

<p>coureur: yeah I'm a native english speaker, so are those scores then considered a little low?=(</p>

<p>HarvardHopeful23 wrote, "I thought that SAT II's were only for placement and not for least that's what it says on their site." WHERE does it say that on Harvard's site? Can you provide an exact URL? Harvard is very good about posting official information on its Web site, and the site matches what I heard from a regional representative in person last year. I would expect the SAT II scores to make a difference in the admissions decision, based on </p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>If you can find contrary information on Harvard's site, I would be glad to know about it. I think the SAT II tests will matter for admission--you are perhaps confusing them with AP tests, which officially DO NOT matter for admission to Harvard. </p>

<p>Good luck with your application.</p>

<p>Marite -</p>

<p>Yeah, I know that they consider the top three, but they still see all the SAT II scores. And, like the jury that has been instructed to disregard some inadmissable remark, can they truly blot it out of their minds? So my point to Nathalie, that I guess I should have been clearer on, is that if she puts up three good scores, having that 690 sitting there as a smudge on an otherwise sparkling app will not ruin her chances for admission.</p>

<p>Coureur: You are right about not being able to block lower scores from one's mind. But remember,too, that 690 is really within the range. For all practical purposes, it is 700. It might have made a difference if your D had had, say, 660.</p>

Harvard uses SAT-II scores for foreign language placement. I believe that 600 on a SAT-II places a student out of the foreign language requirement. Otherwise, SAT-IIs do count in the admission process. In fact, I've read somewhere that, increasingly, top colleges use 4000 as the combined maximum (2 800s on SATs and 3 800s on SAT-IIs).</p>

<p>SAT2s do affect ur admission, cuz they help to compare ur abilities in areas against other kids in the nation. For the starter of this post, if u retake in december and get deferred, yes u can send in the new score, and for the person asking about avg writing scores, its probly 750+. For all those kids who want to take the 2c cuz the curve is easier, keep in mind that the questions are also much harder. If u think u only messed up the 1c cuz of careless errors then ur fine, but if u actually had trouble with the material, the 2c will only be more difficult, and even if ur scaled score is higher, ur percentile will be in the gutter. For example, an 800 on the 2c is like 90th percentile, and 750 is like 80th, and the 50th percentile is like 670 or something.</p>

I am an intl student
I got 770 V 740 M 800 M2c 800 Writing 780 Chem ,all on my first try.
Should I give SAT 1 again?
Also,I have authored a quizbook on India.Should I send them a copy?</p>