SAT2 US History questions

<p>I've been using the Barron's book to prepare for the SATs. How does it compare to the actual USH test? I've been scoring around 750 on my good days, and on my bad days I get anywhere from a 710 to a 730. Which is ironic, since I'm supposed to love history, and I felt that the AP test wasn't too bad.</p>

<p>Barron's also seems to looooove throwing out technical questions regarding the Constitution, government powers, and business. Should I be worried that I don't know much beyond the very basics of each? For example, there were questions like "which type of business combination involves an actual sale of stock?" and "an investor in common stock who is interested primarily in capital appreciation would be most interested in...". I had absolutely no idea as to what the answers were.</p>

<p>And lastly, what constitutes a "good" USH score and a "bad" one for competitive schools?</p>

<p>Any other tips?</p>



<p>While I'm bumping this up: How important are the time periods pre-American Revolution and post-Reagan? I know APs, we barely needed to know anything beyond him, but what about SAT2?</p>

<p>bumpp 10char</p>

<p>I bought a Collegeboard book with 2 practice SAT II USH tests and they are the exact same type of questions and cover the same things as the APUSH MC questions.</p>

<p>But are there many questions before the American Revolution or after Reagan? I know nothing after Reagan.</p>

<p>There's a pretty significant number of questions about the colonial period and some on exploration/native americans. The breakdown says 20 questions from Pre-Columbian history to 1789, obviously that includes the revolution and a little bit after, but you should still know the period. In the two practice tests that I took, I don't remember seeing much after Reagan. There was one about George H.W. Bush and maybe a couple on Clinton, but not many.</p>

<p>barron's is notorious for being harder than the actual test, in general. If you felt that the AP test wasn't too bad, I think you will be fine. The questions on the SAT II are pretty similar to the MC on the AP test, only slightly more specific sometimes.</p>

<p>thank you very much for the advice! Indeed, I just found out that Barron's is a terrible bully, making you stress out for nothing. I ended up in the high 700s on the official released test. Let's hope that it correlates directly with tomorrow's test.</p>

<p>I assume you've taken the AP Exam, and when you take the test tomorrow you will see a lot of similar questions. After preparing for the test last year, I saw that the SAT II reused a lot of the AP exam's questions AND a lot of older MC questions (Albeit, worded a bit differently, but the main idea was there). There are only so many ways they can ask you about the Populist Party. If you feel you understand the majority of the material/practice questions, you will be fine.</p>

<p>The colonial era is far more important than the Reagan era when it comes to studying. You'll get only a handful of questions about stuff after WW2. (Funny story, two years ago the APUSH DBQ was about Nixon!)</p>