sat2CHEM practice test w/ Barron's. inaccurate?

<p>So i took a sat2chem practice test from the barrons book today. i thought it was just about 2 times harder than an actual ap exam our teacher gave us. so i'm guessing barrons is way off again? know of any better prep book? </p>

<p>i hate barrons.</p>

<p>I thought it was pretty darn good on the mark. I learned most of my stuff through using barron's chem.</p>

<p>Out of all the books, Barrons had one of the best reviews and practice tests.</p>

<p>i never used barron's chem, but from my diverse experience with many barron's books (SAT1, II, APs), i know that it teaches the stuff very thoroughly, but the tests are pointlessly difficult.</p>

<p>ok, if barrons actually helps, i will stick with it. their difficult practice tests aren't a waste of time right?</p>

<p>try PR. they are the best for AP, so i guess they are the best for SAT 2. All I know is that for AP Chem, nothing can beat PR!!</p>

<p>it depends, if you have a lot of time, barrons gives a very thorough review. But if your short on time, barrons is just too much work and is unnecessarily hard, stick with Sparknotes for review and PR or Kaplan for tests.</p>

<p>Heh, did you take the diagnostic test as well? I bombed it, and some of the questions...arg. Yeah, its def. really difficult, but the review is very thorough...I haven't tried PR so I wouldn't know. But my friend (who I got the book from) took the diagnostic test in Barron's, did horrilbe, self-studied for about 2 weeks, and got 760. So, my strategy is go for the hard book so that the test will be a breeze (he said it was mostly stoichiometry...)</p>