<p>i am studying "American History" by Alan Brinkley from Columbia U
in my AP class.
Does anyone know that book? how is it for SAT2UShistory? Too much? </p>

<p>*before i take the AP in next May, i will take SAT2 us history
2005 January.</p>

<p>It's probably fine, but most people study from a more concise prep book. </p>

<p>I recommend Sparknotes. Their practice tests are also very accurate.</p>

<p>Why not take the SAT II in june right after the AP test? That's what I did, so I only had to do a bit of review for the SATII.</p>

<p>Unless you're a senior, then I understand. Sparknotes worked for me.</p>

<p>oh, i am senior, juliusmonky :)
any other good book other than Sparknotes?</p>

<p>Kaplan is okay, not great.</p>

<p>know that the sat2 asks really specific questions, it's much harder than the ap test.</p>

<p>Also, there are some pretty obscure questions about art and literature on the US History test so be prepared for those. They are the trickiest on the test.</p>

<p>yep, i would not reccomend it if you didn't do lots of studying during the school year, you can be prepared for the ap test, get a 5, then take the sat2 and get a horrible grade because it's so specific</p>

<p>It's really not as bad as everyone here is making it sound. Just study from Sparknotes and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>thank you everybody!
i am actually an international and it's kinda challenging to thorougly master
another country's history :) anyways, thank you everyone!</p>

<p>Well, I used Kaplan and the "5 More Tests by Sparknotes!" and got a 740, and this is with a "regents" level (for those in NY know that this course is dumbed down) u.s. history course honors. i think it helps.</p>

<p>Personally, I took an excellent AP U.S. History course at my school, did the AP study group (I got a 4 on the exam) and got a 730 SAT II. I didn't use a prep book.</p>