SATand SAT2 plan

i'm a junior in highschool and i'm thinking about taking THE tests...
what i plan on taking are: literature, math1, and chinese.
is it true that the language tests are only offered in november?
is that true for all other subject tests?
is it possible to take the literature and math1 tests in june and october, respectively?</p>

I'm just taking the math test because i've always thought that i excelled at math
not because i'm majoring in it (i know, ironic.)
and I'm only taking chinese because i took chinese at school and i'm pretty confident about it.
Do you think that will help me when applying to schools next year? (i mean with the extra subject tests)</p>

I scored a 550 on my CR
i want to raise it to above 600 by my third SAT (next september)
any tips?
i always think that i did pretty good but then when i get my results, i'm always disappointed...</p>


<p>SAT</a> Subject Test Calendar</p>

<p>This link shows when each particular test is offered. Languages with listening are offered only in November. It appears Chinese is only offered with listening, and as such is only offered in November. Lit and math are offered at every test date.</p>

<p>If you are good at math, I would suggest you take the Math 2 test and not the Math 1, it is generally viewed as a tougher test, and it has a more lenient curve.</p>

<p>If you are applying to a school that requires 3 SATs you aren't taking "extra" tests. If you're applying to a school that requires two, they'll take your two highest scores and won't even consider the others.</p>

<p>Some colleges do consider all the test scores you send, including extra SATIIS. Depends on policy. My experience is: the more the better, for your admission chances - although you should consider the time and money spent as well.
I'd suggest that you take a science subject test as well. If you're good at math, you shouldn't have a problem with Physics.</p>