SATI scores not sent???

I have received an email from Columbia (ED app.) asking me to check up on several documents that they say are still missing. After doing that, I checked whether all my scores and such were received and noticed that only my March SATI and June SATII scores were received. I have ordered the October SATI score to be sent to Columbia also, but for whatever reason they do not have it, nor do they list any of my AP scores (although I am not sure if their tracking system is even supposed to show them, whether available or not). I’ll re-send the SAT scores today, but will they reach CU in time?

Edit: I sent the earlier scores before the latest results became available in mid-October, just in case they did not receive the latter (which is what happened, as you can see). I am not sure whether this has anything to do with anything, though.

<p>Hmm, after rummaging through my file, I found confirmation letters for both the Oct. SAT report and the AP score report. The problem is clearly on Columbia's end - either the scores were sent too late, or their tracking system is out of whack. Neither alternative pleases me.</p>

<p>My son's October scores are also listed as missing from two EA colleges. E-mailing college board hasn't helped - I'm going to call on Monday and get to the bottom of this.</p>