SATII Bio curve.... generous or not?

<p>Is the curve generous on this test? What would one need to do to get a 700? thank you.</p>

<p>I don't know about the curve, but this might help:<br>
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<p>That curve is a little bald though....
I got 800 Bio M/E and I think the curve is more likely this:</p>


<p>adidasty, which book did you use????</p>

<p>trust me on this:
Look at the 10 REAL SAT II Bio and the curve as it is the curve that'll be used in the real test. I got about 8 wrong and scored 770, which is exactly as it is in the 10 REAL.
Curve that Adidasty wrote is what most books (PR, Kaplan, Sparknotes, all of which I've used) use, but the real one is extremely more generous.</p>