SATII chemistry

<p>is regular chemistry course adequate for SATII chemistry? because i really don't feel like i'm learning a lot in class:( i mean, i've study hard and got As and everything, but when i look at the problems on the practice tests, they just seem so hard for me. i signed up for the june test but i don't feel i'm ready at all...can someone share their experience of preparing it?</p>

<p>i taking the SAT II Chem as well...but im also studying for the AP test so im "studying in conjunction"</p>

<p>according to the collegeboard...the prereq. for SAT II Chem is an intro college chem course...that may mean AP or regular..depends....</p>

<p>go check out an SAT II Chem review book from ur library or stop by borders and flip through...see if uve learned most of the material....chances are u prolly have..except for things like kinetics and equilibrium..and in the case of those, they are crucial to the SAT II think about it and go from there!!!</p>

<p>also dont forget to ask ur teacher if u think u should!!! who knows?? they might offer to tutor u on the stuff u havent learned!!!</p>

<p>if ur gonna take the SAT II Chem, I would suggest being in AP Chem before you take it instead of regular chem. AP Chem discusses a lot that honors and regular never do.</p>

<p>So you don't think it would be worth it to take it after chem Honors? I was thinking of doing it this year just to see how I'd do... or do you think I should just wait until AP chem next year?</p>

<p>I took honors chem and used Princeton Review and got a 760. But, I'm also self-studying for the AP Chem (although when I took the SAT II, I hadn't covered much in my self-studying).</p>

<p>idk, i was in honors chem last year, and my teacher told me to wait till AP Chem to take the SAT II along with the AP test cause if you do well on the AP Test, the SAT II for chem is supposedly quite easy.</p>

<p>Meh, I guess that makes sense.</p>

<p>i took a (sort of) regular chem class last year. i live in ny, it was a regents class, which is basically regular high school level. my teacher did a few extra things for us to help prepare for the sat2. i got a review book (princeton's the best one) and had to teach myself a few things. also, my teacher had a lot of old ones for practice that he gave me. i took it last june and got a 790.</p>

<p>so basically what i'd suggest is talking to teacher about what he/she thinks is a good idea, getting a review book, and taking it now (unless of course you are definitely taking an honors or ap class next year)</p>

<p>ps- the questions are hard, buts its a really nice curve!</p>

<p>i got a 790 too, but i think it is better if you take ap chemistry.
I did and it really helped. Just buy baron and kaplan for sat 2
dont buy REA - be warned</p>