SATII Math Question

<p>I took the Math 1C test and got a 710 on it. I am thinking of taking the 2C in December to see if I can get a higher score than that. I am a Calc AB student with an A+ in that class, and have gotten an A throughout a year of Precalc. Do you guys thing taking the 2C to boost my UC application is a good idea? Should I score high if I prepare for it?

<p>With a good amount of preparation, you should be able to do fine. If you're ready and willing, I say go for it.</p>

<p>I've heard UC people say that it doesn't matter whether it's 1c or 2c....the score is what matters; if you can get above 710 (more than a few points) go for it-the curve is more generous; test yourself in 10 real sat ii's to see how you fare</p>