SATII percentiles

<p>I have a ? for all the 800 mAth IICers</p>

<p>if i got a percentile of 90, does that mean that i barely got my 800? or is it 90 for everybody?</p>

<p>no, the percentile increments are in 10%
you're in the 90 percentile regardless if you truely are 96 percentile for example.</p>

<p>No, the percentiles do not go in increments of 10%... and no, that does not mean you barely got an 800... percentiles are only based on scaled score (which is why they stay the same throughout the year). All 800s are 90th percentile, at least now. Every year they update the percentiles according to the previous senior class, i.e. the percentiles you see are against the class of '04 right now.</p>

<p>wow, talk about bs tigeruppercut...</p>

<p>my bad X[ ..........some friend told me that</p>

<p>It just means that 10% of the people got 800's. 90 percentile is as high as you can get.</p>

<p>I think that you can get 99 percentile if it is a really hard test and only 1% get 800. I guess the test you wrote was an easier one and 10% got 800.</p>

<p>Well everyone who got an 800: just post what your percentile was.</p>

<p>I have 90th as well. I figured it was because 10% of test takers also got the same score but my dad thinks its because percentiles are based on the raw score.</p>

<p>It's all based on the percentage of people who do well on the exam. For example, I got a 790 on the 2c and because so many people in 2004 (10%) got an 800, that was only the 87th percentile. On the other hand, I got a 790 in Literature and because not as many people do well, that was still the 99th percentile. franklinbrown and kent05 are right.</p>