*SATII Random Factoid Thread*

<p>Self-explanatory...post a random fact that could be tested on any SATII Subject Test whenever you feel like it, whether you've just learned it, or something brought it to your attention, it doesn't matter...I find that some people recall information very well for some reason when it is presented in a choppy, random manner.</p>

<p>I'll do a few...</p>

Treaty of Paris (1763)-Following the French & Indian War-France gives British majority of its North American land-Spain gives up Florida-Spain gets West of Mississippi- colonies gain control of fur trade</p>

Sufism-a mystic, Islamic movement borne in 8th/9th century Baghdad. Similar to Christian Monasticism in that followers believed in the possibility of salvation through moderate asceticism. Also advocated more of a personal connection with Allah, through independent methods moreso than the standard Islamic religion. It stressed the value of meditation, and therefore easily spread into parts of India and Southeast Asia.</p>

For a molecule to be polar, both of the following conditions must be met.
1. There must be at least one polar bond or one lone pair of electrons on the central atom.
2. (a or b)
a. Multiple polar bonds may not be symmetrically arranged (and therefore cancelling each other out)
b. Multiple lone pairs of electrons on the central atom must not be symmetrically aranged (and therefore cancelling each other out)</p>