SATII Retake

<p>For ED, is it worth it to retake SATII's above 700, or will it not effect your chances at all?</p>

<p>Can't say it wouldn't affect your chances at all, but right now, you don't really have an opportunity to test for ED (past registration deadlines and all)</p>

<p>There's the Nov. 6 option still available, but I haven't done much studying.</p>

<p>the deadline for that passed.</p>

<p>yea and....if ur scores are about 750 then no thers no point. if they are under and u get to above 750 then have fun :-D</p>

<p>Is a 720/760/770 okay... I know I can improve the 720 (phy) but don't really feel like a retake, is it still worth the effort?? I can give it in december. Assuming I get defered or rejected. A reality I may well have to live with</p>