SATII Writing and handwriting issues

I have, by reputation, absolutly horrendous handwriting. Think of the worst handwriting you’ve ever seen, and then imagine it about 56 times worse and you haven’t even come close to my handwriting. I’ve typed every assignment possible since the second grade so that my teachers could read it, and that has worked out pretty well so far, but I hear tell that on the SAT II writing test, you must handwrite an essay. What do they do about it if they can’t read your handwriting on a test? If they can’t read it, will it affect my score, or will they find some other way? If anyone has some insight on this, PLEASE let me know.

<p>do you write in cursive? perhaps you should go for just regular print. thats a lot more legible I find.</p>

<p>No, I actually do print, my cursive is illegible even to me. In fact, I don't even think that I remember how to write in cursive. I just hope that this little issue doesn't affect the way they grade my essay, as writing is usually a strongpoint for me...</p>

<p>if they can't read it, they're going to give u a bad score. In fact, they'll probably get so upset trying to decipher ur words that they might give u a very bad score.</p>

<p>Most people with bad handwritings, usually have some kind of medical disorder, that requires a labtop. You should have investigated that.</p>

<p>I've heard that handwriting does count because they grade the essay as a "whole"</p>

<p>I actually haven't taken the test yet, but I suppose that would entail more of an investigation than can be done in a month. If it does count, do you think it counts for much? These are teachers grading these, right? I would think they'd be a little more mature and level headed than to give an arbitrarily bad grade because of something as insignificant as some bad handwriting. I'm sure they deal with it all the time, and if they're anything like my teachers, taking off for handwriting would be rather hypocritical. My question is that I want to know if there is any sort of official SAT regulation or something that says that handwriting does count, and if so, is it significant? Does anyone know this as a fact? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to look at the content more than the presentation?</p>

<p>If they can't see the content because of the presentation... then the presentation might pose a bit of a problem. I don't think they want to best handwriting, they just want to be able to read what you wrote.</p>

<p>Barron's take -</p>


To some extent the SAT II tests your ability to control the small muscles in your hand and wrist to fashion small and neat letters. Sloppy, hard-to-read handwriting is not supposed to count against you. But think of it this way: the readers want to eat lunch take a walk, or go home to dinner just like everyone else. If they are bogged down in a barely legible paper, they could develop a bias against you. They're not supposed to, but humans, being human, often can't help feeling irritated when their good intentions are being frustrated. Sloppy handwriting interferes with the rapid holistic reading of essays. Although they're not apt to admit the bias at the College board, accept is as truth that handwriting counts! Messy handwriting works against you; a neat hand works in your favor.


<p>So bottomline... work on your handwriting!</p>

<p>Can YOU read it? I can read MY handwriting, but others call it chickenscratch. Got an 11.</p>

<p>I can read it for the most part, though sometimes it's even tough for me. I find that teachers are able to read it if they work with it for a little, and many can read it right away, there are just the select few that either can't, or don't want to try. Is there a way to get a laptop exception, or is that seen as something that would facilitate cheating? Although I haven't actually been diagnosed with anything, I did go to physical therapy for it as a wee lad, so perhaps they could make an exception? Do they ever allow them to be typed?</p>