SATIIs questions

<p>Is December too late to take SATIIs? I kinda forgot about them and I can't take them in November, so is it even worth it to take them in December? I haven't exactly decided if I'm applying to any schools that require them (I know I'm a little behind in this whole applying to college thing), but I figure that I should register just in case I end up needing them. Also, if I should still take them, should I take Math 1 or 2? I'm in calculus right now and I'd say i'm good at math, so which do you think I should take? I don't really understand what the difference is between them, so if someone could explain it that would be wonderful! Thanks so much!</p>

<p>About the Maths I or IIc, my counselor said that unless you're planning on doing something with engineering, don't bother to take IIc. As I unnderstand it, the difference between both tests is that IIc is harder.</p>

<p>Another difference b/w Ic and iic is the curve..
So you could take tests from the real sat ii book and see what you do better on and go from there
Some school accept december, some do not, check or ask your counselor</p>

<p>Register late for the November date maybe?</p>