Satire on AP Lang Exam????

Hi I just had my lang exam today and the prompt for argument was incredibly basic and open ended. The prompt asked us to identify something that was [negative quality] and explain with evidence why we think that thing is that quality. I wrote about something that is very necessary and important and should be celebrated but satirically. So I’m uh a little concerned because that’s all I could think of doing. But I’ve looked on twitter and collegeconfidential and I haven’t seen anyone else do satire on the argument so obviously it’s really risky and uncommon so… Can I get some honest thoughts about how this might go down in scoring? Perhaps from a teacher or someone who’s been a reader before? I used lots of evidence and presented it with sarcasm and lots of rhetoric, but I used first person for sarcastic effect a few times (which I understand is acceptable but discouraged in the argument section). It may be hard to judge how well it would turn out without seeing the writing, but I’ll say that we did an assignment in Lang recently where we wrote satire and I received very positive feedback on the writing, so I think the writing itself is good. I’m just not sure how well it would adhere to the rubric or be received by the reader. Thanks so much! I’ll update the post with the actual prompt when it comes out so it’s easier to read.

Do a search for “ap language and composition grading rubric”. The 1st few responses lay out in detail the marking criteria. Try evaluating your own work against the rubric.

I’ve tried that and I’m familiar with the rubric since we used it extensively in class. My problem is the criteria for “control of language” and “coherence” are specific to a formal argument, not to satire.

I think that Swift’s writing demonstrates that satire can show ‘control of argument’ and ‘coherence’ :smile:

Jonathan Swift was adept at satire. The typical junior taking an AP Lang exam is not, and the satire can quickly cross over to sarcasm, which will not be graded highly.

At any point, it is what it is. The OP will find out the answer in July

Thanks for all the help! Ended up with a 4. More than I expected honestly