Satisfied with ur CC?

<p>R u satisfied with ur CC at the moment?</p>

<p>I've seen most people on this site say 'hey dude, CC is CC, all the same' for the </p>

<p>threads asking which CC to go </p>

<p>but I've seen some threads with disatisfaction</p>

<p>Quality of teachers... staffs, location,</p>

<p>availability of classes, students... say anything u like/dislike about ur CC.</p>

<p>Parking and class availability sucks, everything else is fine.</p>

<p>^agreed. i go to deanza and those are some of the biggest problems we have.</p>

<p>I hated De Anza when I first started. Then I started loving it after I took classes at another CC which was significantly worse in every way.</p>

<p>hahahhaha foothill? west valley? i loved da almost instantly though...most of the teachers are so amazing!</p>

<p>I'm at Foothill, and I really like it there. De Anza is okay too, but I don't like seeing so many familiar faces. It reminds me of high school!</p>

<p>I love my cc (El Camino). I thought it was okay at first but it grew on me over time. I've had some amazing instructors there.</p>

<p>cupertinotrnsfr, which ones are significantly worse and why? do you mean foothill?</p>

<p>SMC ftw

<p>Absolutely satisfied. Pasadena City College here. But I have to say it really depend on what teachers you chose. You can either find part time, which I have heard is much easier, or full time teacher, and especially those ones that they care. I consider CC be better at any UC system for the first 2 years. Not only can you have close interaction with the teacher, but discover more in their office hours since they are not busy of research.</p>

<p>I am not allowed to say. :X</p>

<p>SJCC is probably as good as it gets for me (which still isn't very good at all). I don't have to see all the people I hated from HS and the commute isn't too bad. Teachers for the most part are great, and they dumb-down the classes, which means an A for little/no effort.</p>