sats 3 times?

<p>i got a 660 verbal and a 580 math my first time and then a 650 verbal and 590 math my second time... 10 points higher WOOHOO!
all i wanted was to break 1300... is it bad to take them a third time? and if i do, then i can't take the writing sat 2 in december.... if i take the act and do well will it matter enough to cancel out my low sat score? help... please</p>

i had the same experience as you, but i believe that SAT I is more important that the IIs, i had just taken mine the third time this October (and i f#@$ed it up). I got
1st 490v 680m
2nd 540v 800m
3rd 600v 690m
so now, i hope that the colleges look at my 600v (which is still a piece of crap) and my 800m (which is alright, b/c i am chinese)
So yeah, i would recommend you to take it a 3rd time, since SAT I is more looked at than the IIs. If i were you, i'd do it.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice! for some reason though, my mom thinks it will look bad if i take them 3 times... someone informed her that if my scores were so close the first two times and then the third i miraculously go up 50 or 100 pts ( which im hoping for) then it will look like i was just lucky.
and is it bad to only have one sat score? (670, so-so in bio)?
here are the schools im considering:
lehigh (first choice), bucknell, tulane, trinity, loyola maryland, ithaca, syracuse, quinnipiac, college of charleston</p>

<p>it doesn't look that bad. Lots of people take it three times.</p>