SATs.. argh

<p>Ok, so I took the SAT for the third time in May and I did hideously:</p>

730M (should be getting 800)
670W (ridiculous, usually get full marks for the MCs - 8 on the essay.. let down)</p>

<p>That makes a 2120..
I know I can get 800 for M, and possibly a 800 for W. CR is really as good as it is going to get for me though.</p>

<p>Does JHU accept score choice? If so, should I retake for a 4th time? Also, thats make 1450 CR + M (1490 Super-score).. so does it only look at CR+M?</p>

<p>They super score it anyway. There is absolutely no reason to take it for a fourth time (I think it’s crazy to take it even 3 times).</p>

<p>Is a 2160 (Super-score) competitive for JHU?</p>

<p>Take it again. It took me 4 times to get an 800 in math. I’m pretty sure that helped me in the admissions game this year because that made my math/reading score 1500. I was admitted to hopkins btw but obviously SAT score is only part of the application.</p>

<p>You are in Hopkins’ range. just prioritize and decide what’s most important for you. i took the SAT twice and settled with a 2100; got into JHU and am going. i just decided water polo and my friends were more important than an extra 50-100 points.
on the other hand, my friend studied a cumulative 100 or so hours, went from a 2050 to a 2390 by his 4th try, and got into HYP.</p>