SATs.. argh

<p>Ok, so I took the SAT for the third time in May and I did hideously:</p>

730M (should be getting 800)
670W (ridiculous, usually get full marks for the MCs - 8 on the essay.. let down)</p>

<p>That makes a 2120..
I know I can get 800 for M, and possibly a 800 for W. CR is really as good as it is going to get for me though.</p>

<p>Does UC Berkeley accept score choice? If so, should I retake for a 4th time? Also, thats make 1450 CR + M (1490 Super-score).. so does it only look at CR+M?</p>

<p>no score choice for UC's</p>

<p>That isn't even close to hideous hahaha</p>

<p>I really should be getting 800M, ~720CR, 780-800W... :S
I'm happy with my CR score but I want to take it for a 4th time and focus on Maths+Writing and try and get 800 for both. Should I? Would it be worth it?</p>

<p>I mean, if you truly think that that score is not indicative of your ability, then by all means, take it again.</p>

<p>Just remember that the UCs don't do score choice :)</p>

<p>Haha thanks. I have signed up for Maths II and Physics for June but I know I will get 800 in them both no matter when I take them so is it possible for me to cancel them or postpone them until October and take the SAT I in June?</p>

<p>That would not be a smart thing to do. If you are a junior (rising senior) you should take the SAT IIs now. And all the practice in the world cannot "guarantee" your score. Take the Math 2c-- better curve and better chance of getting that 800</p>

<p>I am taking the Math IIC. I've done 9 practice tests now and got 800 on them all.</p>

<p>All the practice in the world doesn't matter if you choke on exam day. Never underestimate the power of the yips.</p>

<p>Correct, eyeheartphysics. What one gets sitting a their kitchen table, or even in a practice setting is only a predictor, not a guarantee of performance on the actual testing day. Doesnt mattter what anyone thinks they "should" get. And there is always the possibility of scores dropping with a retake.</p>

<p>Most people do well on subject tests. Stick with that</p>

<p>Dude that's not hideous. I've seen people at Cal who've had a 1800 or so and are doing fine in whatever major they're doing. The SAT is not a very good/accurate predictor of college success, so no need to take it a 4th time. Just make sure you're well rounded in other areas.</p>

<p>hahah yeah i got in the 1900's and i got in...
but i'm not going here though lol but still.</p>

<p>If your not happy with your SATs, DONT WORRY. As long as you have other stuff on your application to make you shine, you have a good chance. Believe me. I took so many college courses and did outstanding volunteer work that no one else did and I got in. Of course, that wasn't the only thing that got me in, but EVERYTHING helps. Berkeley REALLY does take everything in your app into perspective. I KNOW they read the entire thing...cus I got in.</p>

<p>okay look, i got in with a 1980. it's not all about SAT. you have to have stellar extra curriculars and good grades.</p>

<p>yup, gpa is the most important factor</p>

<p>Ya, you've gotta be kidding me. I would've been yelling out the window and thrown confetti with those scores. Ugh, the SATs. They were not my friend. But I think you've got way more serious issues if you think yours are "hideous". Man, they're not even bordering on ugly . . . .</p>

<li><p>You definitely do not want to postpone the SAT 2s to fall of next year, its not worth the risk that would ensue if a. you were to choke on exam day, or b. if you just forget a lot of stuff over the summer c. if you postpone them, and still dont do well on reasoning, it will all have been for not. </p></li>
<li><p>UCs do not score choice. Everyone always says try your best NOT to take the SAT 1 anymore than three times. </p></li>
<li><p>you're not being realistic at all. A. You cant be SURE you will get double 800s on your subject tests. B. you keep saying that in math and writing you should be getting 800s, but that is a 200 point increase from your actual highest score. not to mention the test is in less than 2 weeks and you have an inadequate amount of time to study.</p></li>

<p>Well for Math, I have slowed down and now I am getting 800s. I usually finished the section in 15 minutes out of the 25 allocated. Now I am going slow, finishing in 20 minutes, and thus getting 800s so I am not worried about that anymore.</p>

<p>For writing, I usually get 1 wrong for the MC, but a 7/8 for the essay. In the May SAT I bombed and got 3 wrong for the MC. I saw the past scores and I saw that if I do well and get none wrong for the MC, then I can still get a 790 with a 8 on the essay.</p>

<p>Taking it a fourth time is overkill and it may actually hurt you - someone mentioned it before, 3+ times is not going to look very good. Take your SAT subject tests now and if you decide to do SAT I a second time, do that in the fall.</p>

<p>What schools are you applying to? Your current score is good enough for UC, but a little bit higher would be better for Ivy's/MIT/etc.</p>

<p>Another reason to take it a fourth time is if you KNOW you can do substantially better- that is 2300+ Because really, between a 2200 and a 2120 for a fourth taking, really isn't that significant or worth it.</p>

<p>It seems like you're too fixed on the SAT 1's. I believe the subject tests displayed you abilities more than the SAT I's and may help more depending on your major. At some point, it's just not worth pursuing the extra 50-100 point anymore when there are other things you can do to improve your chances. Just my two cents.</p>