Hey, I have some questions about SATs. First of all, SAT…if i took it 2 times and indicated on my last report schools that the scores should be sent to…do both my scores get sent automatically or do i have to send each individually (in which case, i would just not send the lower one)

For SAT IIs, whats the process for sending colleges your scores? I took 3 SATs this year that do not have score choice…so would they get sent along with my SAT I mentioned above…or do i have to do something individually with those too. i also have 2 SAT 2s that have score choice. To release them…do i just click “release score” on the collegeboard website?

I’d appreciate any help i can get. This is confusing me and my guidance counselor is a complete idiot. Thanks.

<p>If you have any SAT II's in score choice that would mean you took them in June 2002 or before because score choice was abolished after that. You can release them by doing what you suggest. The College Board always sends all SAT and SAT II scores it has on file for you whenever you request any one score to be sent. Those old scores in score choice are the only exception and if you release them, they will be included in any score report that the College Board sends out after you have released them.</p>