Saturdays at GT

<p>I paid a visit last Saturday to GT and found the campus deserted, almost as if it was a ghost town. The experience was spooky to say the least. Why is the school like this on Saturdays? Is this a common thing or was it just that day? I hardly saw anyone on campus. Any explainations?</p>

<p>could u tell me more about the campus??</p>

<p>The campus seemed mediocre to me. Lots of trees, hilly. It did seem a little crowded as it is in the heart of Atlanta. It seemed a little dreary. Maybe that was because no one was there that day.</p>

<p>i'm a meto atl high school student and my brother attends there. on top of that i went there frequently to work with a professor for siemens westinghouse research, so I have been on campus many times. </p>

<p>The campus really isn't as bad as people will so often say it is. Yeah, you see some depressed people and many stereotypical nerds, but everything is in relative walking distance, and if it's not then they have the Tech Trolleys to take you places. They also have some incredible new facilities. . .overall, it's not the best college campus, but it's great and in atlanta, which provides for quite a few opportunities. Overall I was pleased, but I know there are better campuses. Hope what I told you helped. You should visit if possible. The student center is also really cool.</p>