Saudi Student

<p>Hi everyone
I'm a saudi girl and I have a scholarship from my country to study in the U.S , I'll apply to the university of washington
my Academic record is perfect I'v got 99.99 out of 100 in the General Secondary Certificate of Education
my IELTS test is on December 3
I don't SAT or ACT test scores
I'm a photographer and I've participate in many exhibition here in my country and won some awards</p>

<p>I need some help and tips for writing my essay !</p>

<p>What are my chances would be If i wrote a good essay?</p>

<p>The UW isn't as hard as other schools like the UCs (California) or East Coast. Still, not anyone gets in.</p>

<p>A lot of students are immigrants or non-Americans. As long as you make an effort and write without any grammar mistakes, they probably won't mind your English.</p>

<p>The diversity topic would work well for you, and you can talk about the differences of Saudi Arabia and coming to the US. Whatever you write, it is you they are getting to know, not a Saudi with a bunch of test scores.</p>

<p>As for the SAT/ACT, I believe that is a requirement (at least for most internationals). You can still do the SAT Dec test in Saudi Arabia, but see if you must have it.</p>

<p>Good luck!
(by the way, its much more rainy than SA for sure!)</p>

<p>based on the huge number of Saudi students here at UW, i believe you will be fine. Also international students bring the money :)</p>

<p>good luck</p>

<p>Correction: SAT/ACT score are not required from international students. If English is your second language, then either TOEFL or IETLS are considered suitable to demonstrate English Proficiency.
For further information on requirement, I would suggest that you contact your desired college directly (or look at their admission requirements on the college website).
Here is the link to the UW website for international students:
International</a> Students | University of Washington</p>