Savannah vs. Atlanta for a Sequential Art Major

Hi, I’m a prospective student in my last year of high school. I want to go to SCAD for the Sequential Art major, but I’m not sure which campus I should choose. Right now I’m leaning towards Atlanta, for a few reasons; Atlanta doesn’t seem to have as much of a crime problem as Savannah, some students have said that Atlanta has better internship opportunities, the Atlanta campus isn’t as spread out, and the Atlanta campus seems to have better dorms. However, I’m not a big fan of big cities, and I was wondering if their was any difference in the quality of instruction between the two campuses, specifically for SEQA. From what I’ve read, certain majors seem to be better at Atlanta, while other majors seem to be better at Savannah. I know it’s not such a big deal, since the same classes are offered at both campuses, and if I don’t like Atlanta, I could probably switch to Savannah for the next year, but I would prefer if I could attend in the same place all four years.

We asked ourselves the same question and are ultimately going with Savannah. We have visited and there is just a certain vibe there that we didn’t find when we visited Atlanta. Will you have the opportunity to visit both campuses? That would maybe help you decide. My son is planning to start in January of this year after 2 years at community college.

However, if he finds that the internship opportunities are better in Atlanta, there is always a possibility of changing campuses.

Which majors have you heard are better in Atlanta? We are looking into the film program at SCAD.