Save the traffic cones!

<p>My daughter pulled too far into a parking space and bumped a traffic cone. For this she got a $25 parking ticket for damaging school property. She took a photo of the poor victim, sprayed a little windex on it and wiped off the black mark from her tire, photographed it again and brought her cell phone to security to show the now prisitine cone. Head of security glared at her and ripped up her ticket. </p>

<p>Move ahead two weeks to today. I received a copy of her summer tuition bill in the mail and attached to it was a reminder about her unpaid parking ticket.</p>

<p>She is now threatening to mount said cone on the hood of her car..... This on the same day that a well-meaning human anatomy lab partner reached up to brush hair from my daughter's eyes (reached up as in removing her hands from disecting a gall bladder and up to my kid's hair). Not her best day.</p>

<p>My freshman son decided to “kick” a traffic cone 2 weeks ago…it flew 25 feet and he called me from the ER a few hours later telling me not to be “mad”-- he fractured his foot-- He hobbled though finals and now has screwed up his summer since he has to wear a “boot” cost for 6 weeks</p>

<p>It appears the “cones” are winning…</p>

<p>Better watch out when that traffic cone’s big brother shows up: [Traffic</a> Cone Monster! |](<a href=“]Traffic”>Traffic Cone Monster! – The Pirata)</p>

<p>^^^ Did he kick Sockher style?</p>


<p>That’s crazy. I’m glad your D had the initiative to take the pictures, clean off the mark, and stand up for herself. It’s too bad there are people working in the school systems who seem to genuinely dislike the students attending there (i.e. the glaring). I hope they won’t give a hard time about deleting the charge from the tuition bill.</p>

<p>And, the ‘gall’ of that student to brush your kid’s hair…</p>

<p>My daughter’s soccer club runs a big fundraiser every autumn, which results in multiple nights of parking 400-500 cars on various practice fields. A couple of years ago, we used a traffic cone to identify a iron rod that was sticking out of the ground – we didn’t want anyone to drive over it or trip over it.</p>

<p>Some smart-aleck teenager decided to kick the cone – and ended up breaking his foot on the iron rod underneath. Then, he sued the soccer club, claiming that the club was responsible for his injury! Apparently the cone was an “attractive hazard??”.</p>

<p>sockhermom -
sorry to hear about your son’s foot. My daughter once broke a toe playing minigolf, which had the entire emergency room staff rolling with laughter.</p>

<p>I don’t know if this is an urban legend or not but - </p>

<p>I’ve heard of construction people getting tired of having to stand a long line of cones back up when hooligans think it’s funny to drive along with the car door held open to knock down the line of cones so the construction people filled one with cement so when the car door hit it - BAM!! - apparently it solved the problem.</p>