Say I get deferred...

<p>Ok well I know I shouldn't be pessimistic or anything, but my most likely result is going to be deferred (my scores are great for math but the lower end for CR). So if I do get deferred can I transfer from Wharton to Economics in CAS for RD? I think I have a significantly better shot there than in Wharton and I can always try transferring to Wharton if I get in at a later date</p>

<p>I'm not sure... but I'd contact the admission office (perhaps anonymously...) if I were you and ask your question. They can obviously give you the most definite answer.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>No, you cannot switch to different colleges within Penn if you get deferred.</p>

<p>I don't think you can either unless you get accepted later on. But definitely double check with admissions! Good luck!</p>

<p>See I've been told multiple things about it. . .some people think that if deferred you can't switch but some have said that you can call them up and simply ask for your app to be resubmitted in the CAS pool during RD instead of the Wharton pool. That being said, you should know that if you do switch and get in CAS then you won't be going to Wharton; Penn flat out admits that they don't allow people to transfer between schools once accepted. I know how you feel though as I'm currently in the same boat; Wharton is my dream school but CAS would be the next best thing and I'd have a better shot there. . .at the end of the day I'm going all in and putting all of my chances into my dream school and if i get denied at wharton Ill just have to pray for dartmouth or something comparable during RD. Best of luck to you on friday though (I cant wait and I know i don't have a chance at acceptance)</p>

<p>that's not absolutely can transfer schools...but you just have to have a crazy high gpa (3.8) to transfer to wharton from CAS when ur there.</p>

<p>if your application is geared toward wharton, then CAS probably won't want you</p>

<p>If you know your career will be business oriented (especially IB), you made the right choice to wharton. If you don't, B.S. Econ from wharton will count the same as B.S. econ CAS, why bother the extra competition?</p>

<p>And nah, the chances won't be much different. I disdain those who applied to CAS for the supposedly higher acceptance rate just to get in wharton on a later date. My interviewer said the same thing, too.</p>

<p>^plan to get into Wharton from CAS as a strategy? joke lol.</p>

<p>The admit rates of people from CAS -> Wharton are even lower than regular freshmen admit to Wharton I think... only about 25 transfers a year.
Take all the applicants who want to transfer, rank in order of GPA if they meet the coursework, and work your way down.</p>

<p>^But I know plenty of people who are wharton-wannabes and ended up applying CAS. Smart strategy or not, it's out there.</p>

and in any case, if you get into CAS, you can still take schools from Wharton. Just not get the degree from Wharton.</p>

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<p>So if you dont get Wharton, you don't get Penn</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies, yea I don't know if I want to compromise on my major. But penn is my dream school so I dont know... only stupid SAT is holding me back lol :P I'll decide when decisions come I guess, I mean for all I know I could be accepted/rejected. Good luck guys</p>

<p>Oh and for that link it says if I get rejected I can't apply anywhere else. Says nothing about deferred, I guess I'll just ask my school counsellor to be 100% sure and then post what she says</p>