Say it Ain't So....Gilligan's Mary Ann busted

<p>Oh, what is this world coming to? Sweet, wholesome Mary Ann (aka Dawn Wells) was busted for marijuana!</p>

<p>'Gilligan's</a>' Mary Ann Caught With Dope - AOL News</p>

<p>All those years on that deserted island with the same people finally got to her ... :)</p>

<p>Boy, I sure wish I hadn't looked at that mug shot.</p>

<p>Was it just the passage of time...or was it the dope?</p>

<p>I wonder if she had it hidden in a coconut pie?</p>

<p>Ouch, what a mugshot! Our local paper reported it, too, but did not include the picture.</p>

<p>I don't know. She's in her 60's by now, and I'm sure those mug shot "studios" have bad lighting. I didn't think she looked that bad, and a far sight better than Nick Nolte in that mug shot taken of him from a few years ago.</p>



<p>She's 69 years old now. What were you expecting? Only Barbie will still look great at that age.</p>

<p>Was always partial to Ginger myself...</p>

<p>I idolized Mary Ann....coming from the midwest myself, I always decided that I was part Mary Ann....</p>

<p>with just a few modifications, hahahaha! I didn't fill out my checkered shirts quite like she did.</p>

<p>Nice Smile. Happy Smile. Party Smile.</p>

<p>For being 69 years old, I still think she looks hot!</p>

<p>I hope she claims to have glaucoma. I mean really...look at those eyes!</p>

<p>A three hour tour. Hah. </p>

<p>Obviously the S.S. Minnow was being used for drug running</p>

<p>I felt absolutely crushed when I saw her mug shot in the newspaper. DH thought I was being silly, and said something like "You did realize it was a TV show, right?"</p>

<p>Anyone over 60 should be able to use any "soft" drugs they wish. Just don't drive at the same time.</p>

<p>I liked the comment I heard that maybe she should change her name to Mary Jane.</p>