Say it here cause you can't say it directly (College Version)

Someone recently asked where the college version of the get it off your chest thread was. I couldn’t find it so I thought I might create one. Feel free to say anything you feel strongly about as long as it follows the rules of the forum.

I’ll start with mine.
I know a lot of you were injured but you better play hard next season. I wouldn’t want to see your dynasty end in just 5 years. And if you are planning to trade D’Angelo Russell, you better make a good trade. A tall center would be nice.


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Alumni interviewers should work in tandem with admissions, not side by side without any info at all. The admissions officer swore after the fact that she had no idea that kids who applied RD were invited to an alumni holiday party. In the meantime, those poor RD kids really thought it meant something since only a few attended. Stop leading kids on. In this case, the AO seemed upset and at least told us that she will contact our local alumni association and tell them that invite was inappropriate.