Sbcc cost question..

<p>what would the cost/yr be to go to sbcc and live at Tropicana? I heard around a total of 18k? true? I would be coming in from out of state</p>

<p>in 2010-2011 school year it costs:
$5,938 for out of state tuition
$1,620 for books and supplies
$10,980 for room and board
$2,818 for other expenses</p>

<p>that's closer to 21k, but that's just an average estimate anyways.</p>

<p>so it would cost 10k a year to stay at tropicana? ****lol</p>

<p>that is like screw that....if you find a room to rent in a house with a group of people it is like waaaaaaaaay in isla vista (IV) that is where most of the students live..</p>